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Katharina Arndt

Artist Artwork

"Every day we wipe over the shiny screen of our smartphones countless times, the bodies are hairless, the edges are round, the sunglasses are mirrored. The smooth texture appears as a metaphor for nonresistance, eternal youth, as artificial, uncritical, superficial, conformist."

- Katharina Arndt

Katharina Arndt is a contemporary artist from Germany working in the media of painting, drawing and light installation. Her fast and colorful paintings ironize the contemporary mass consumption aesthetic of a decadent affluent society by depicting their everyday life in the digital age.

Emblematic of this is the theme of 'surface' - social, cultural, material. In the hyperreal and at the same time immaterial online world, the visual appearance alone dominates - of ourselves and the products we are supposed to buy.  In her word artworks in neon letters, figurative drawings and paintings, she visualizes the aesthetics of mass consumption in the digital age and recontextualizes her surroundings and environment through her observation of digital communication behavior.



Katharina Arndt (*1981 in Oschatz) lives and works in Berlin and Barcelona. She acquired her artistic skills in 2000 - 2005 at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig, Germany.

In 2006 Arndt achieved her Meisterschülerin (master student) of John M.Armleder (*1948), a Swiss multi-talented conceptual artist, performance and object artist, painter, sculptor and art critic.

Her works have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in Europe, such as the Saatchi Gallery (London), Museum Villa Rot (Burgrieden), Kunstverein (Hannover).


Some do both. (CANVAS), 2022
acrylic paint on lacquer fabric 70 × 90 cm
2,900.00,- €
Some do both. (PRINT), 2022
Linoleum print on paper, 3 colors 70 × 50 cm Edition 1/10 + II AP
390.00,- €
Some do both. (NEON), 2022
Neon warm white, acrylic glass 70 × 90 × 5 cm, Edition 1/3
4,900.00,- €
I like palmtrees. #3, 2021
90 x 65 cm acrylic paint
2,900.00,- €
I like palmtrees., 2021
130 x 90 cm acrylic paint
4,400.00,- €
in between the situps, #4, 2021
130 × 90 cm acrylic paint and marker on lacquer fabric
4,400.00,- €
in between the situps, #1, 2021
130 × 90 cm acrylic paint and marker on lacquer fabric
4,400.00,- €